All You Wanted To Know About Those Tax Stimulus Checks But Were Afraid To Ask

(Updated: April 15, 2020. And if you’re looking for specifics about high school and college students, check out this piece.)
As COVID-19 continues to impact the United States, the federal government is taking action to ease the burden on taxpayers. Most recently, the Senate passed a massive stimulus package (the House voted yes, too) and the CARES Act was signed into law. A key feature of the stimulus is individual checks.
As with anything tax-related, there’s a little bit of confusion. To help you sort it out, here are a few questions and answers:
When will I get my check? Checks are supposed to be produced “as rapidly as possible.” They began being distributed in mid-April. One thing that is true: if you use direct deposit, you’ll get your money faster. You can find out more here.